Courtyard Gardens East Surrey Hospital

I have been unable to work in the gardens as much as I would have liked during the winter. Consequently, the last few months have been something of a catch up exercise. The two gardens, which were closed last year while work was done on the operating theatres, are now open. The Trust did promise that they would restore the gardens to their original state by providing the funding and the professional work. Watch this space!

Our major task this summer has been to bring the large central bed in the cardiac garden into decent order. We already have a gazebo, and we have now finished covering the surrounding area with a membrane, which was then spread with bark chippings. Four of the large concrete planters have been emptied and replanted with drought-resistant plants such as phormiums and yuccas. We still have two more to do, and then the planters will be painted.

The X-ray garden is maturing well and the woodland and herb gardens at the east end are in good order although containing various plants in pots rescued from the closed gardens.

The totem pole garden opposite the East Entrance will require a bit of a makeover at some time in the future as it has been planted with many grasses which self seed and need to be replaced. 

The Gardens are much appreciated by patients, visitors and staff alike. We do need more volunteer gardeners to help keep the gardens weeded and tidy.

Denise Moseling, Volunteer gardener (UPDATED October 2015)