Courtyard Gardens East Surrey Hospital

2017 has been a productive year for the gardens.

Denise Moseling and her helpers continue to do a magnificent job maintaining the gardens to the enjoyment of patients, their friends and families and to staff. Somewhere calm to go in a time of stress.

The Cardiac Garden now has a bark chipping cover over the central bed and a retaining wooden border and all the concrete containers have now been planted.

The newly planted Therapists’ and Jubilee gardens are now maturing and the blue agapanthus and giant yucca produced magnificent displays.

The Chemotherapy courtyard raised beds have been refurbished, new plants and pots have been introduced and a new gazebo has recently been erected.

Another new area reclaimed is the Capel courtyard which had been sadly neglected, but now cleared and replanted by a volunteer member of staff.

A team of 3 volunteers work so hard in the gardens, more volunteers are needed as there are other areas around the hospital which would benefit from refurbishment.

If you can spare a few hours a month please contact the Volunteer Services Manager at East Surrey Hospital.